McDonald’s Crazy Campaigns – All you can eat & fast or free

Perhaps you already heard about the new promotion by McDonald’s in the US offering all you can eat french fries. So wrong on many levels. I wonder how McDonald’s will control this if a couple of young kids come in and one orders fries and the rest a soft drink. Good luck!

In Austria they are offering a promotion for drive through (McDrive). If your order is not ready in 90 seconds you get a free Big Mac.

To cook a fresh burger and fries should take longer than 3-5 minutes to prepare. So they might as will hand out free Big Macs all day. If people are smart they will realize the following:

  • McDonald’s is desperate to attract people by giving away free things
  • By telling  people that they get something free if McDonald’s is slow is a wrong way of promoting. If someone receives their order before 90 seconds, there is no way the food is fresh.


They might as well offer a free big Mac with every order to save their dignity. Anyways, it will make them appear better but at the same time we will all be aware of the actual value of a  Big Mac, peanuts.

Just a note, there was no fine print on this ad so I am curious in regards to the restrictions on minimum order.

There is always a catch with McDonald’s, this time it is to catch your money 😉


Would you buy a Second Hand Louis Vuitton?

Would you buy a second hand Louis Vuitton, Gucci or any other premium luxury product?


I personally would not as this takes away the whole experience for being the first owner to of a luxury product. We all know the sensation of what this feels like and for those who have not… well you should try it and not have any regrets. There are 4 reasons why luxurious products are expensive.

  1. Original – you know it is not a fake
  2. Guarantee – if anything happens, you can always take it back even after a few years
  3. Quality – Price and Quality are connected
  4. Value – there is a reason why people cherish their luxury products, they are rare which makes them of higher value.

The experience from opening the package carefully trying not to damage the box or container holding the product. Than going through the layers of crisp thin paper wrap and finally reaching the product you fell in love with.

This opening experience is similar to the feeling we had as kids during Christmas. For the ones that did not experience this or something similar on their birthdays, we hope you will experience this feeling one day.  Everyone should.

Of course some people would argue that it is the same as buying a used vehicle…but is it? I don’t think so. Unless you have received a gift from a very close friend or family member, than perhaps than the product will have an different value which is connected to the relationship and memory of that other person. Such as receiving a LV bag from your mother or Grandmother but who knows in what condition it is. It is very rare to find a mint conditioned bag.

It seems there is a market for such things in Vienna, Austria as I was working around in the city and noticed this store. It kinds of reminds me of a pawn shop where you go to sell expensive things when you are broke or in need of money. Of course it did not look like a luxury shop so why would they ask for a little less than the regular price at original.

If such a shop exists it would be ideal for them to spruce it up and invest in making it  expensive or luxurious in order to attract the same type of customers that visit luxury boutiques.

What do you think? Would you buy from a second hand luxury store or from someone who is selling online on ebay?


Update 1 – Using Social Media

I started exactly a week ago today with using social media – blogging and tweeting. I think I am getting the hang of it now and understand how some things work from WP, Twitter and Facebook. I don’t plan on using Instagram nor Pinterest as time is an issue, perhaps in the future if I see benefit.

I am also reading a few books on how to improve or become more strategically efficient using all the platforms and it is overwhelming. Of course I have my own writing style which will be shaped eventually through blogging so I hope you like what you see/read.

So let’s look at what I have noticed/learned from this week.


  1. Trying find the right content to blog –  focused mainly on the services offered by  “No School”
  2. Did not blog (or tweet) about technology this week as I realized I need more time
  3. Re-reading the blogs – make more simple and grammar is correct including spelling. Defining my writing style or approach to communicating efficiently
  4. Creating better feature images – to attract viewers.
  5. Trying to keep each post under 400-500 words – this one is over 😉

Till now, very satisfied with the WP platform and template. Thanks


There are 2 Facebook accounts that I use

  1. No School XO –  the wordpress blog feeds this page and it is to promote the services the company offers.
  2. No School Boutique – shows products and sales in the boutique I have open.

I still need to better communicate this on the website to make it more simple for the audience – Work in progress.


First I’d like to thank you all who are following me still.

I have noticed twitter is a bit wild. I have noticed some patterns already with some users that are re tweeting their old material or writing the same tweets as the other. It seems like it is a race between some users. I also had some followers which looked like spammers.

The great thing about twitter is that I love to share information immediately but I need to focus more on quality. I realized one cannot edit the tweets only delete them.

  1.  Thanking each follower – takes time but sometimes users just  follow and then unfollow perhaps to get some quick followers and this can be difficult.
  2. Images used in twitter are more effective than just text and a link – something  I need to look into, too early to tell.
  3. Creating catchy lines to attract viewers – this is not so easy to do as I don’t like repeating myself.
  4. Knowing how much to tweet – of course there is a limit of how many words can be used. It looks better to have only a few words and a short link.
  5. Using the # hashtag – keep forgetting this one
  6. Proof reading the text – noticed some mistakes as I realized you can not edit.

The purpose of using al these platforms is to see how many people are interested in the information I share and to build business relationships.  The other point is to see how how many direct visits go to my website and also to spread the information about the brands (HYMY Bag, GEPARD MODA, MOCKS and UMIWI) I am representing in the Vienna boutique.

If you have any info which you want to share feel free to.

Wishing you all a nice week ahead.



Record stores are coming back? (Er) lebe Musik…

Vienna, Austria – Today I went on a Sunday stroll to get out of the house to get some fresh crisp air  (5 degrees Celsius) and to see what is going on in the center of Vienna. I like to stroll down the side streets and observe the window displays of shops (will post pics later) and to see new styles, designs and of course to see if there are any new businesses present.

The center of Vienna can be a difficult place to compete due to the high prices of rent and of course the competitors. Unless you have something no one else has than your concept will work.  Vienna offers many traditional coffee shops and places to eat the classic “schnitzel” and of course for afterwards the “Sachertorte”, or in which ever order you choose. Back to the story…

Today was different as I came across a construction site for a music store – record store “EMI – the music store”.  Wow…this was a surprise considering how many people just download or listen to the radio. I love visiting record stores and finding classics which are still in great condition on vinyl. There are already a few stores selling records in the main music/electronic stores like “Saturn” or “Mediamarkt” plus you can find second-hand stores also selling records.

IMG_2381.jpgThis was a bold move by the company to start something like this in our electronic age so they really need to offer something exciting. Perhaps it will be a “music cafe?. You grab a bunch of records to skim/listen to, you order a coffee and you listen to the tracks at your table which already has a player. Maybe I write them an email and see what they can tell me;)

I am actually excited about this because I used to DJ back in the day professionally and now just do it when I need some “my time” to relax. Everyone needs “my time”.


I will come back and do a follow-up post after my experience at the opening as I am really curious what will give them the competitive edge.

Worth to donate to Wiki…yes :)

Each year I donate a little bit of change to a few of favourite sites that need some support to keep up their costs of servers and maintenance. So when wikipedia asks for some money it is like going to the yearly library events I used to attend as a child (perhaps you as well) to help run donations for bringing in some extra revenue to help out with renovations, buying additional computers and books, etc.

The same should also apply now and we all know nothing is free. Everything takes time, energy and resources.

Before we know it wordpress might have advertisement. I love their site because it does not have any adverts popping up here and there. This is the bonus about this site and you would be surprised how many posts are online  suggesting that they should start advertising. Just google and see. It makes you think about how our world really is. Money has to be earned everywhere but there are still some companies and organizations that still offer freebies and wikipedia is one of them.

I am pretty sure everyone must use wikipedia at least once month or more. If not, then go give it a try. @wikipedia

If you visit you will see the message to donate if you can. If you already donated good for you as I know many appreciate it. Weiter so 🙂



Woman’s Day vs Man’s Day

I wanted to write this article after I saw a post online someone mentioning “What about men’s day?!”. Really?!

A day has passed since us appreciating women which I think should be done every day for many reasons but let’s bet serious about the day. I noticed it becoming commercial like Valentine’s and that is not the point.  But than again men are automated so if there is a scheduled day to something they usually do it. It is not an easy world for women.

I always try to imagine what the world would be like if men’s bodies would be the same as females meaning we would experience everything each woman experiences.

I think then men would be a bit more tolerable and understanding to many things but because men are men, not all understand or imagine to put themselves into a woman’s shoes. (Check out for ladies shoes and also some for me who like racing or just visit our boutique :))

As in the mentioned example of men having the same bodily experiences as woman, I am 100% sure that there would be many free hygiene products such as tampons, pads, creams, medications etc..or perhaps just cheaper. If you think about it you know I am right.

Men are babies and we don’t really know what it is like to be a woman. But it is ok if we don’t understand that is why we need to just respect and tolerate the things each woman goes through. No questions asked.

By the way, International Men’s Day is each year on November 19. More info about it here.

No School 😉


Coca-Cola changed to Green…

Coca-Cola gone green…life…

I noticed this product sitting at the store chain Billa in front of the fruits and vegetables section the other day and was just mind-boggled. How can it taste natural? I don’t know how long it has been on the market but from what I see online it has been out for a while in different countries in Europe.

Since I do not shop at certain grocery store chains anymore nor drink Coca-Cola for a few years now it still made me curious but not curious enough to buy. I know Cola is Cola so I did not take the risk to purchase the product to tell you how it tastes. Perhaps this product is already in your country and you don’t know about it.

From my experience traveling the world I noticed Coca-Cola products taste different from  county to country. In the Czech Republic and Hungary I noticed that it tasted much sweeter than if you bought the product in Austria. Strange indeed since we are in the European Union and some things should be the same quality…right?!

There are many branded products which are produced in Austria that are of higher quality and cheaper than what you find in the neighboring countries. I have not compared products to Germany or Switzerland but perhaps one day I should when I am in the near or visiting again.

I am curious what other brands will follow now as the trend in Austria is leaning towards more healthier choices with more chains focused on regional and bio-products and of course the colour green.

Sorry, I forgot to get in for a close up as you can see the fine print is very small. This is the most important information;)

What do you think of the new colour and the new name “Coca-Cola Life”?


Why the name “No School” for our business

Long story short – it is catchy and it just got stuck in my head and started to grow on me.

Some of us loved school and others hated it – I think it still applies to most people today.  Being always on the move due to parent’s occupation, changing schools constantly and learning to adapt and form new relationships became the norm. When it came to certain subjects, the teachers who encouraged their students and took their time to see the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the classroom actually made the most impact in learning. We are all different and so are our learning styles and interests.

Just a quick note: Much respect to all the teachers out there who are more than just teachers but also our guardians watching out for us. They deserve higher salaries and more respect.

Growing up we all think that after High School we only need to go to College or University and that is it. But school never ends. We are schooled everyday in our life by external factors such as the media, peers and our surrounding environment.

In the professional world, it keeps continuing with requirements for our jobs or other positions we may seek that require new skills in marketing, management, technology, etc.. For some, the learning is just a craving to personally develop.

This blog is about posting interesting things which not everyone knows. So if you are already aware it pass it on or let me know what can be improved. Blogging is also a new thing for me but I want to make it interesting and not dull like many other blogs.

One thing worth mentioning, the location where the shop has opened is in the near of  Schulgasse (School Avenue when translated from German) and of course there are many schools in the near. It was not a planned location as it came available on the market recently so I took it. This is where our Design Boutique and here is where you can follow our product posts

So back to the name “No School” the other reason for it is that I am very classic in business, what I say is what do just like how it was in the past; our grandparents generations. A handshake meant something and a promise was kept. If you could not do something you let people know in advance but no BS or excuses. Simple.

So here we go on a new journey with this company.

Happy Monday everyone! Damn it’s getting cold again and I feel the snow is coming back again.